Katharinen Passage, Bremen

Katharinen Mall, Bremen Still life with lobster and fishes
Schrifttafel über die Geschichte des Katharinenklosters Relief with medieval architectural elements
Wandrelief mit Stadtgrundriss des mittelalterlichen Bremen Wandrelief mit Grundriss und plastischer Darstellung des ehemaligen Katharinenklosters
Wandreliefs mit mittelalterlichen Architekturelementen Ansicht Katharinen Passage
Katharinen Mall, Bremen
The artistic design for the Katharinenpassage refers thematically to the medieval Katharinenkloster which has been placed former at this location. Only some fragments of the arches are existing today. The design has been integrated perfectly in the architecture of the building.
Both the flat reliefs and those plastic marble corner sculptures are located in the front raster of the natural stone slabs.

Material:  sandstone (Obernkirchen). The whole front is made with the same material. Additionally marble and Belgian granite are used.
The Katharinen Mall is integrated in the building of the Bremer Landesbank.
Architect: Büro Ewald Brune, Bremen
Customer: Bremer Landesbank
Manfred Mausz

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